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Morgan Sutherland

Massage Therapist and Back Pain Expert
P.O. Box 163 Watertown, MA 02472

About Morgan Sutherland

Since becoming a professional massage therapist in 2000, I’ve has consistently helped thousands of clients manage their back pain with a combination of deep tissue work, cupping, and stretching.

In 2002, I began a career-long tradition of continuing study by being trained in Tuina—the art of Chinese massage—at the world famous Olympic Training Center in Beijing, China.

As an orthopedic massage therapist, I specialize in treating chronic pain and sports injuries and helping restore proper range of motion. In 2006, I became certified as a medical massage practitioner, giving me the knowledge and ability to work with physicians in a complementary healthcare partnership.

Around that same time, I got trained in Cupping Therapy and was amazed by the results I was able to achieve with his chronic pain clients.

After years of successfully using silicone cupping in my private practice, I finally put together a video training so other bodyworkers could learn this versatile healing modality and integrate it into their practice. 

Aside from having a full-time massage practice, I regularly blog about self-care and pain relief tipsA number of those blog posts evolved into books that I self-published on Amazon.  You can see my Amazon Author Page, by going here.

In December 2018, I was interviewed on a holistic radio show called You can listen to that interview here.


Owner, Morgan Massage


Sarah Lawrence College, 1993-1997 Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, 1999-2001

Classes Instructed by Morgan Sutherland

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