Elif Atay

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

About Elif Atay

Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor – Balanced Body®
Pre/Post Natal Pilates/Exercise Specialist – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Diastasis Recti Recovery – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Anatomy in 3D – Balanced Body®


My Pilates story has started when I started to suffer from back and shoulder pain as well as poor posture due to excessive working hours in front of my computer. When I discover and practice Pilates, I feel less pain and a big improvement in my posture. I started to practice Pilates every morning and it became a lifestyle for me more than a daily fitness routine. I developed my anatomy knowledge in order to understand better the functions of my body and the reasons behind my back and shoulder pain. Now for me, the best way to start a day is simply doing Pilates!


I have decided to take my passion to a professional level to help to other people who suffers from the same reasons as me. Pilates helped me to feel physically and mentally stronger, self-confident as well as to be fit and dynamic. Pilates became a passion for me and I enjoy to share my passion with people and help them to achieve and maintain their optimal health whether they are experiencing pain or simply want to improve their physical and mental well-being.

I invite you on this journey with me and looking forward to meeting you!


Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

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