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Evgeniy Stasenko

Fine Arts teacher
Barcelona, Spain

About Evgeniy Stasenko

Hello, my name is Evgeniy Stasenko. I am an artist from Moscow now living in Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department and have practiced both fine arts and teaching ever since, for more than 30 years by now.

As a teacher, I have always aimed at creating an integral system, a consistent range of methods that would allow me to effectively teach drawing and painting to any person regardless of skills. These methods come as the result of experience; they are tested in practice and proven to give fast results. As well, I have extensive experience in creating specific short-term courses, not to mention fine art workshops, etc.

I wrote some textbooks. “The Art School” and a course of three books on Developing Drawing for primary aged kids are available only in Russian now. My book "Composition of a Picture: Theory and Exercises" is available on Amazon both in Russian and in English. The subject of artistic composition given in a clear and logical way – it is really useful. This theory is unknown outside Russia and English translation helps to improve the situation.

In 1994 I got an award of the All-Russia Exhibition Center for teaching.

In 2006 my biography was published in the encyclopedia Who is Who in Russia. 

In 2015 I moved to Spain.


I'm self-employed at Postcards From Barcelona - sketching workshop for tourists


I graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department

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