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Dr. Clarissa Kristjansson

Mindfulness Coach
Gothenburg Sweden

About Dr. Clarissa Kristjansson

Clarissa Kristjansson is a coach, meditation teacher and entrepreneur who trained as a neuroscientist. She left the corporate world to pursue a deeper calling and so founded The Little Breathing Space in 2014. 

Clarissa combines her own background in the corporate world, her understanding of human behaviour and her training and passion for mindfulness to coach people to free themselves fom self-limiting beliefs and cultivate the capacity to thrive in life.

Apart from mindfulness she has trained in clinical yoga nidra, meditation, acceptance commitment and compassion focused therapy that have enriched her practice and enabled her to help people with a diverse range of challenges.  She regularly attends silent meditation retreats and has trained with some of the worlds leading teachers including Vidyamala Burch.  Her book The Mindful Menopause is an international bestseller and she has been featured in SBS, NBC, ABC and Forbes. When she's not working she can be found gardening in her country cottage or speaking at Toastmasters wher she is currently president of the Gotheburg Club


The Little Breathing Space


Breathworks Accredited Mindfulnessfor Health and MIndfulness for Stress instructor iRest Clinical Yoga Nidra teacher Accredited Meditation teacher (Australian Meditation Society) Ph.D in Sensory Neuroscience (University of Huddersfield)

Classes Instructed by Dr. Clarissa Kristjansson

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