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Mohmood Valimohamed

Director - Center For Inner Awakening
Markham, Ontario, Canada

About Mohmood Valimohamed

I truly believe that the main reason we come to this planet is to increase our level of consciousness. It has been my life long passion to seek knowlege, wisdom and enlightenment to increase our level of spiritual awareness. After many years of seeking and learning, I was inspired to share what I have learned. With the grace of the universal light, I have created several programs that focus on personal and spiritual growth.  It is my deepest wish that these programs can be a small source of inspiration for your personal development!



Center For Inner Awakening


Mohmood is a Spiritual Healer and Meditation Teacher certified in: ​Spiritual Counseling, Professional Relaxation Therapy, Basic Ayurveda, Past Life Regression Therapy, Nutrition, Iridology, various methods of Meditation and is a Reiki Master. He is the author of "Book of Wisdom", "The Art of Witnessing", "The Art of Forgiveness & Love". He has created a YouTube channel and published videos on: Religion & Spirituality, Different Levels of Consciousness, The Five Bodies of a Human, Forgiveness, Karma and more. He is the founder of The Inner Awakening Meditation & Healing Program - IAM, Inner Awakening Through Past Lives Program and other certification programs.

Classes Instructed by Mohmood Valimohamed

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