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Jenni Ahlberg

Illustrator, Hand letterer & Designer

About Jenni Ahlberg

I'm an illustrator, a hand letterer, an interior designer and a big-time coffee consumer. I'm also into surface pattern design, colours, sweets (hoping to delete this word from here in the future), plants, cardigans, big jumpers and coffee with tons of milk (Yes, I know this is the second time I mention coffee. That just shows you how big of a thing it is for me :D ).

Lately, I've been getting more and more into sharing what I know. I have always had a soft spot for helping people. If someone is struggling with something, that I feel I could help them with, I tend to offer help. That's the reason I started teaching here at Skillshare. :)

In my free time, I doodle and craft with my daughter, play Minecraft with my son or plan to go running with my husband. My health goal is to start meditating daily.

My dream vacation would be a couple of weeks in a hammock by a cosy beach bungalow, that's surrounded by white sand, lush vegetation and turquoise sea. Only my Macbook and all my favourite art supplies with me and plenty of time for illustrating and learning new skills online, like on TabletWise.


I also goof around on Instagram under the name of @jeahdesign. So, come and say 'Hi!', there too. :) 


Freelancer in my own company Jeah Design


Bachelor of Arts from University of Helsinki.

Classes Instructed by Jenni Ahlberg

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