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Avinash Sahoo

Author, Career Expert & Coach
New Delhi, India

About Avinash Sahoo

Avinash Sahoo is a Best-Selling Author, Career Expert & Coach. He writes in the domain of career passion & success. His expertise on the subject of fulfilling careers earned him many titles such as; Passion Promoter & Career Designer in India. He conducts regular career workshops and teach people how to choose & design their career.

He interviewed hundreds of young people about their purpose & passion in life and he understands their most negative emotions about the subject. He shares the secret of finding fulfilling careers.

He believes that every person can tap into their wildest hopes and aspirations and live the dreams they’ve always wanted.

Some of his famous quotes are:

“Career without passion is curry without salt” 

“Success has no standard definition, you have to write your own.” 

“If you want to find out who-you’ll-be, figure out who-you-are.”

The time spent doing what you don’t love is time you wasted of the work you love.” 



Banker, Corporate Trainer & Speaker



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