Aly Kravetz

The RockStar BarGirl
New York, NY, USA

About Aly Kravetz

After 15 years in the hospitality industry as a bartender, General Manager and instructor, I have developed a deep passion for helping others enter into, and excel in, this dynamic and lucrative industry. I created a YouTube platform 5 years ago to bring easily understandable tips and techniques to a wide audience that has grown to an audience of nearly 10,000 students. Now, I have turned my attention to bringing those tips and techniques to a corporate audience, to help managers and owner train their staff, grow their sales, and promote from within. My course, The Fundamentals Every Bartender Must Know, is a comprehensive overview of the most necessarily knowledge and techniques designed to help anyone, with any level of hospitality experience, to get behind the bar and do well. 


Owner, RockStar BarGirl Bar Instruction and Consultation


The George Washington University Law School 2009-2011

Classes Instructed by Aly Kravetz

2+ hours

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