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Karin Van Mierlo

Professional Photographer with 25+ years of experience.
Lisbon, Portugal

About Karin Van Mierlo

Trained as a photographer in the analog days of photography I have a strong foundation in the theoretical and technical aspects that make a photograph stand out. My bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Photography gives me a strong creative background and still helps me on a daily basis to deepen my creativity.

I am specialized in travel photography, reportage photography, humanitarian photography, street photography and family documentaries.

A people photographer pur sang I’m driven to capture the unicity, strength, and beauty of every human on the planet. 

Out of a strong desire to help aspiring photographers create compelling images of all our astounding planet has to offer I love to share my vision, skill, and experience in online photography courses.

I deeply believe that it’s not the camera that creates a beautiful picture, it’s the person behind the camera. It's about your skills, your vision and your unique experiences as a human being. 

That’s why my motto is: “It’s not about the camera, it’s about your vision.”

I’m so happy you’re here and I truly hope you’ll have a lot of fun learning the language of smartphone photography! 


I’ve worked with on- and offline magazines, artists, entrepreneurs, companies, and families in the fields of reportage, travel, documentaries and much more. I’ve also volunteered as a photographer for several charity causes.


Bachelor's degree in Photography at ArtEZ, University of the Arts, the Netherlands.

Classes Instructed by Karin Van Mierlo

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