John Mackey

Credit, Credit Scoring (FICO), Debt Collection Defense
Minneapolis, MN USA

About John Mackey

A Vietnam Era Veteran and the CEO of Credit Geni. us – A national Credit Education and Restoration Association with offices throughout the United States. Credit Geni. us was founded in 2007 in response to the need for effective Credit Repair and Education.

Prior to this, John Mackey was a Loan Officer for 11 years and a Realtor/Broker for 20 years. Through his career, John has helped those struggling with credit, debt collectors and low credit scores to overcome and stand tall with his training, consulting and insights. In 2016, John wrote the book, “Debt Collectors - Lies, Damn Lies and Deceit” – expanding his influence to help people all over the country.

He is passionate about helping good people in tough situations to have a better understanding of their rights when dealing with debt collectors and insight in how the credit bureaus and FICO scoring actually work.

Stand tall and know your rights – you can get back on track faster than you think.

Work, Public Speaker


Bachelor's Degree from the University of Minnesota 1982, ABR, CRS, GRI, FICO Certified

Classes Instructed by John Mackey

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