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Zero Point Speaker & Facilitator, Multi-dimensional Coach/Healer, Mother

About Stasiabliss

Stasia Bliss is a Unity-Consciousness, Alchemical, Visionary writer, healer and educator. She specializes in Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health and is committed to the transformation of society to embody a system where love-leads and consciousness prevails. Her current career focus is Mental Health and its connection to the spiritual awakening journey. Stasia is also a prolific writer and speaker and has a multitude of content on-line for empowerment and education in living a life of balance, authenticity and bliss.


Currently: Author, Speaker, Educator on topics of Consciousness, Mental Health and Spiritual Awakenings, Empowerment Coach and healer, Yoga/Mediation instruction and Oneness Minister/Geomancer


Studies include: The School of Natural Healing, The Myotherapy School of Massage, Gemological Institute of America, The Bihar Yoga Bharati, The Academy of Alchemy online, certification in gi-jo acupressure, Emotion Code Practitioner, kundalini yoga instructor. Stasia has deeply studied the subconscious mind and how to de and re-program it. She studies DNA and how to upgrade our body's operating system as well as quantum physics and how that aligns with spiritual practice and intention in order to create life from a place of empowerment.

Classes Instructed by Stasiabliss

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