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Toronto, Canada

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Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Teacher of Meditation, Author

Here you can read about my life experience and commitment to holistic healing and human potential throughout my adult years. All of my pursuits have been directed toward those objectives. I was born a caregiver and it is in my nature to respond to those with health needs.


This means that I have also studied much and continue to do so everyday. But all of it is as if too much, therefore I make an effort to simplify it for you in this course.


I was born in Finland and graduated in Helsinki as a public health nurse. Living in Toronto and New York when young I worked in Toronto Western Hospital and the United Nations Health Service in New York.


Independent and exploring creative ways of healing I trained and thought children creative drama and dance for balanced mental health, even received a Canada Council grant for further studies in England. Soon afterwards I established Claremont Center for Human Potential where lectures, nutrition, movement and meditation were part of its programs.  


I became a doctor of Oriental medicine because in early times the origin of life and Its Way - Tao was central to medical practices. I was licensed in California and did post graduate work in Shanghai. And from 1990 till 2009 I had a practice in Toronto.


The above fits into my spiritual aspirations. As a student of trans-personal psychology I learned from the writings of Jung, Rank, Assagioli and others in addition to spiritual teachings especially of Sufi and Taoist masters. My choice to study Chinese medicine was influenced by my commitment to holistic healing.


My novel Her Secret Service, Silent Power of Womanhood, seeks to answer the question, what is our true calling as the carriers of our mysterious feminine power. I have written other books, countless articles, poems, stories and scripts.


I teach ancient Chinese acupuncture along with Taoists and other meditations as guidelines for achieving physical, mental and spiritual health, expansion of consciousness and ultimate enlightenment.  


With the wealth of my studies, work-life experiences and as a Healing Tao instructor (1992) I will be creating many more fascinating courses.         


Owner of Happy Soul Healthy Body Inc.


Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Teacher of Meditation, Author

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