Paul Brotherson

Business Owner, Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur

About Paul Brotherson

Paul is a unique individual in the world of business training & leadership. He is direct, passionate, driven & has decades of real-world business experience.

He took his first job at the age of 10 selling door-to-door for charities, and by age 17 he was living in Asia, managing the sourcing, product design, production & quality control logistics for a multinational manufacturer.

Paul then spent 4 years directly under the CEO of a global corporation being mentored on creating & building highly profitable companies. And at 25, Paul started the Maverick Group of companies.

Owning both national & international businesses for over two decades, Paul has built thriving companies in the fields of finance, manufacturing, sourcing, importing, distribution & licensing.

Under Paul’s stewardship, the companies have grown to employ more than 350 people globally. With customers including corporations & major retailers worldwide, and yearly revenues in excess of $138 million.

Stepping back from hands-on operations in his companies at 38, & focusing on VC for start-ups, Paul found himself increasingly frustrated by the:

1. Level of knowledge of business owners

2. Quality of business education available

2. Lack of 'Real World Success' individuals in the business education space.

So, after writing his internationally acclaimed book: thINC. Unlock the Secrets of a Superbusiness. He then created the MBA Business Engineering Programs: to teach business owners the architecture of how to develop & maintain productivity, profitability & prosperity in any business.

In these ground-breaking business training programs, Paul Brotherson shares the closely guarded secrets of the world’s best business thinkers.

Designed to inspire and transform the capability of any business owner, the MBA Business Engineering Programs reveal the critical knowledge you need to possess, and the thought patterns you need to develop in order to transform your business and build a life of wealth, success and freedom.

“I simply want to open the door so you can stop thinking like a small business owner, start thinking like a $100 Million CEO… and reap the incredible rewards of that transition.” Paul Brotherson.

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