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Zine Eddine Bendjaballah

Algiers, Algeria

About Zine Eddine Bendjaballah

Hello, my name is Zine Eddine Bendjaballah. I'm an IT Engineer with over 20 years of experience. I actually work as an IT manager.

I began my IT career as a programmer, which helped me grow my analytical and problem-solving skills.

When the time came, I turned to the system administration area, working for large companies;
- Developing, securing, and maintaining their IT infrastructure. 
- Providing users support.

Throughout many years, I've sharpened my skills of Windows platforms and Networking, with a passion for troubleshooting.

Because I love helping people solve their problems, I create online courses and share my knowledge to help you grow your IT skills.


Classes Instructed by Zine Eddine Bendjaballah


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